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Amazing! Fishermen Rescue Drowning Moose

Amateur video taken of an extraordinary event as a group of fishermen rescue a drowning baby moose on Rainy Lake in Northwestern Ontario near Fort Frances. The first 2 minutes has no audio, but the remainder of the video includes audio. The video was submitted to the Fort Frances Times who also had sports reporter Mitch Calvert cover the story.

Excerpt from the story
'We were just fishing a series of rock piles and we looked over and about 500-600 yards away we saw this thing swimming around, Steve Ballan noted. At first we thought it was a bear, but we noticed a cabin over there, so we thought it mightve been a dog, he added.
We kept watching it from afar and it was swimming around in circles in the same circle for 40 minutes or so. The foursome got suspicious and decided to go in for a closer look.'

read more here http://fftimes.com/node/226181

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