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WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN (6 inspiring stories)

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When traveling around Afghanistan (and other Muslim-majority countries), I receive many comments about why no women appear in my videos.

The reason is because these societies are largely dominated by men -- and men are the ones who are commonly seen on the streets, driving cars, working in shops and eating in restaurants. For the most part, women stay at home to watch their kids, clean the house, prepare food, etc. This is how the culture has been functioning for thousands and thousands of years, especially right here in Afghanistan.

BUT, that doesn't mean that there aren't as many women as men who are doing inspiring things! In general, women are shy of the camera and they don't want to be exposed for cultural reasons, which is something that I always respect and honor. This is why I do not show many women in my videos.

However, over the last few weeks as I've traveled around Afghanistan, I've been able to sit down with 6 incredible women entrepreneurs to hear their stories. They all have amazing things to say!!

I really enjoyed making this video and I hope that you guys enjoy listening what they have to say, because as we all know, women make the world go 'round!

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Видео WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN (6 inspiring stories) канала Drew Binsky
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