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AFGHAN STREET FOOD (delicious and cheap!!)

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I've now spent over 3 weeks of my life in Afghanistan, and I have barely told you about the AMAZING food that exists in this country! In fact, I would honestly say that Afghanistan has some of the most underrated street food in the entire world. All of the dishes here are so delicious, so plentiful and SO CHEAP!

In today's video, I take you on the streets of Bamiyan (in the central region of the country) to try some of the best Afghan street foods - IS ANYONE HUNGRY OUT THERE?!

Please note that this video was extremely hard to edit because just 2 weeks after I left Bamiyan, there were 2 massive bomb blasts that destroyed the main marketplace, leaving 14 people dead and dozens more wounded. 100% of this video was shot in that exact marketplace, which is now in ruins, and I am just devastated.

In any regard, Bamiyan (and Afghanistan as a whole) is one of my favorite place on earth -- the culture is so raw and authentic, and the people are some of the most hospitable in the world! I am loving every second of this trip and I can't wait to tell you more stories from the wonderful country of Afghanistan.

PS - Would you try any of these Afghan dishes? Comment below!

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