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productive week in my life: christmas shopping, decorating, journaling, meetup!

hello my frens it's nina and let's have a productive-ish week!! :)

in this week i was mostly preparing for my first ever meetup! i did a bunch of christmas shopping and decorating, i made my favorite bullet journal monthly spread yet for december, i packed a bunch of goodie bags, and of course i had the meetup with our friend hana :')

to everyone who came to the meetup (it was in berkeley) i had so much fun meeting y'all and it was one of the most wholesome experiences of my life :'') it was beyond what i expected and y'all were so cute and lovely and i got to hug and chat with so many of you!! it was a great end to 2019 basically. i'm also glad that y'all made new friends too!! i couldn't be happier with the meetup and i can't wait to do another one soon :') i'm already excited to plan them heheheheh 2020 i'm coming for y'all!! wherever you are!!

i'm SO SO SO grateful for y'all and i'm excited to spend 2020 with you :''')

also big thanks to hana for experiencing all this with me and wanting to do a meetup with me :''') she's the big sister i never had :'(

i hope you enjoy this december week in my life and i will see you in my next video. there are still a few december uploads coming! don't worry this isn't the last video of 2019 hehe

love, neen.


hana's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4AJ7G2Qf5XXaH0CToSc1A
hana's instagram: hanaylee


- fluffy jacket: korea (migliore dongdaemun)
- toast socks: korea
- shoes: fila disruptor ii x fx-100 lux (https://bit.ly/2OzxB2Z)

- hoodie (khaki, L): yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2YNza28)
- puffy jacket: uniqlo (https://bit.ly/35jrbMG)
- sunglasses: gentle monster (https://bit.ly/2P716cK)

- hoodie: champion (https://bit.ly/2O6pxb9)

- cardigan: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2rDOxOJ)
- turtleneck: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2EhxWTc)
- hoop earrings (1.3cm and 1.8cm): yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2PmhNlR)
- moon and star earrings: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2PZnkhB)

+ bullet journal: leuchtturm1917 medium a5 hardcover dotted notebook
+ patterned washi tape: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2PkapHE)
+ solid color washi tape: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/2rDOUsB)
+ pens: muji (0.38 point)
+ marker pens: zebra mildliner

☆ YesStyle: https://bit.ly/2YGwpyj
use ‘OHNONINA’ for 10% off your purchase above $49 :)

☆ twitter: ninaeyu
☆ instagram: ninaeyu
☆ spotify: neenzus

this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliate links!

Видео productive week in my life: christmas shopping, decorating, journaling, meetup! канала oh no nina
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