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KOREA HAUL | fashion, stationery, BTS stuff, cute stuff

it's finally here!! the final video of my korea series, a haul of (almost) everything i got from my time in south korea :) i just included the most important stuff that i wanted to show y'all.

i hope you have enjoyed my korea series!! i miss seoul and wanna go back and shop again hsjsdflsjdk

ALSO!!! if you're reading this in december of 2019, I'M HAVING A MEETUP with my friend hana (hana lee on youtube) at berkeley!! it'll be at Mad Seoul on thursday december 12 from 4-6pm so we hope to see you there! there will be a 50% discount for the first 10 ppl off their orders so let's have bibimbap and chat and have a good time :'') we'll also be giving y'all some goodies for the holiday season! and if you're reading this in the future then this doesn't apply anymore HAHA

happy december to you and i hope that you are staying healthy and taking care of yourself! i can't believe the year's already almost over ahhh i have so many video ideas i wanna get done before 2020 comes HAHA

thank you for watching and being here and i will see your lovely face next time ;)

love, neen.


+ migliore dongdaemun
+ shilla ipark duty free mall (yongsan)
+ express bus terminal shopping center (seoul)
+ ikseon forest (ikseon-dong)
+ ikseon-dong
+ bora bora (yeonnam-dong)
+ yeonnam-dong
+ object (hongdae)
+ hongdae
+ artbox
+ line friends
+ gentle monster
+ lotte world

+ turtleneck: yesstyle (https://bit.ly/30j4Snu)
+ boots: marc fisher
+ white sneakers: fila (https://bit.ly/2OzxB2Z)

☆ YesStyle: https://bit.ly/2YGwpyj
use ‘OHNONINA’ for 10% off your purchase above $49 :)

☆ twitter: ninaeyu
☆ instagram: ninaeyu
☆ spotify: neenzus

this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliate links!

Видео KOREA HAUL | fashion, stationery, BTS stuff, cute stuff канала oh no nina
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