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The Reason Why do Men Fall In Love With Mean Girls

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I got ask this question today, "Why do men fall in love with mean girls?". This is something that a lot of women ask themselves similar to guys asking why women fall in love with assholes.

So what are the reasons why most men fall in love with bitches?

We gravitate towards things that people find valuable. We define value by what fulfills our current needs, which is influenced by society. We usually appreciate what doesn't appreciate us more. For example, you have a critic. Everybody believes in you but him. Whose opinion are you really going to be looking for? You’re gonna be looking for the one who affected your self-esteem more. Compliments would be used to compliment. Criticisms, we don't. We just harbor more resentment.

Bitches use minimal words. It’s their behavior. Similarly, when you copy that behavior, you're gonna get the reaction of people like you. The emotion that you’re feeling usually has the behavior that gives you the opposite of it. For example, when you like someone, the behavior of liking someone sabotages you. Not needing money, gets you money. Needing money makes you lose more money. Women are bitches, it’s not that they’re hot, it's just that they happen to have a behavior that gets guys addicted to them. Guys don't get validation from them and because of that, a little bit of validation is worth a lot more. Words value more when there’s a lack of it. Your validation values more when there’s a lack of it.

Men want to feel a need. The need is felt because of the insecurity she stirs in him because she’s ignoring him. When somebody hurts you, you want revenge on that particular person. A little bit of attention is more rewarding simple because of its scarcity. Not because of its essence. When you give away your attention for free, you're not making them value that attention.

Bitches make men value their attention. When there’s a scarcity of resources, we want them more. It’ s not a reflection of who you are, it’s all based on what you do. Bitches play by a different rule. They play the game right.

Another thing is justifying and rationalizing.
You come after people not because you like them but because he has something to offer. You hunger so much for the validation that when you get, it means so much and you forget the bad things. The emotion will cause you to not see the truth even though it’s in front of you. It will change your perception and the memories that you access and how you access them.

Don’t feel needy, you’re gonna interpret everything from those eyes. And you’re gonna do the behavior that equates from those emotions. Feel happy, have higher self-esteem. Have a positive emotion surround you, make it your atmosphere. Protect yourself from negative vibe from people. Emotions change your perception.

Here's a link to the article version: https://mindfulattraction.org/blog/2019/7/3/the-reason-why-do-men-fall-in-love-with-mean-girls

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