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Why I DON’T follow the CURLY GIRL METHOD // Does this version really make sense for coily hair?!

PLEASE READ THE PINNED COMMENT!! Sharing all my opinions on why I don’t follow the curly girl method - according to NaturallyCurly.com's version. Can coily haired girls really use this without modifying?

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Are silicones really that bad for curly hair? - https://youtu.be/Pw5FQck8-2g
Types of shampoo every natural haired girl should have - https://youtu.be/1JsAmxulG5Q

Where do I even start with the curly girl method?! In this video I focus mainly on its instructions for curly and coily hair (so basically the type 4 curly girl method) because I have super coily hair and was curious to see what the steps would be if I were to look up the curly girl method for beginners. It wasn’t pretty. Some of these curly girl method rules are just plain NUTS. Bottom line is I think the curly girl method works best for wavy - curly hair textures, but if you’re eager to find out: “does the curly girl method work?” - then you want to watch this entire video.

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Видео Why I DON’T follow the CURLY GIRL METHOD // Does this version really make sense for coily hair?! канала Afope Atoyebi
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