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DEEP CONDITIONERS FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR: Ingredients to look for + My Favourites

In this video I’m talking about the ingredients to look for in deep conditioners for high porosity hair, and sharing some of my favourites too!

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In this video I’m talking about deep conditioning natural hair. So, you’ve got high porosity hair and up until now, your deep conditioner selections have been somewhat hit and miss. Well, all that changes now. In this video I’m showing you exactly how to read hair product ingredients and pick the best deep conditioners for high porosity hair. Whether your hair is type 3, 4c hair, or anything in between - if you have high porosity natural hair, this video is going to be a game changer for you. I’m also going to be telling you what my favourite deep conditioners are. Needless to say that these are some of the best deep conditioners for curl hair, so you definitely want to watch this one through.

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Видео DEEP CONDITIONERS FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR: Ingredients to look for + My Favourites канала Afope Atoyebi
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