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The old Well House & The Castle thats an Imposter

In this video we visit Lancashire to look at the remains of the 18th Century Hollinshead Hall house and its well house. We start at the Roddlesworth Waterfall. Hollinshead hall house was a country house built in 1776. It was the country manor of John Hollinshead. The house was demolished in the early 1900's and all that remains are ruins. In the grounds of the old house is the complete and renovated Hollinshead hall well house. The well house is a charming grotto constructed in the early 19th century so that pilgrims could take the healing spring water that flowed hear. Initially lauded by Pagans the spring water was later Christian. The spring water or Holy well is said to have healing properties. The properties are said to cure conditions of the eye. Finally in this historical tour of Lancashire we visit Liverpool castle. Liverpool castle was built by Lord Leverhulme. William Hesketh Lever. The Edwardian Industrialist and philanthropist. Liverpool castle is situated at Rivington just outside Bolton. It was a folly built as a replica of the original Liverpool castle that stood in Liverpool. This video includes drone and aerial footage of Lancashire.

Видео The old Well House & The Castle thats an Imposter канала Martin Zero
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