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When a Man Ignores You - This is What He's Thinking

Are you Being ignored by someone you care about? IF so, you know it’s one of the most frustrating and difficult situations to deal with especially when you don’t know the reason. That’s why In this video, I’m going to share the top 5 reasons why the person you’re dating or interested in might be ignoring you. And I’m going to tell you exactly what to do about each of them.

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Whats a guy thinking when he ignores you and what you can do about it.

There are so many reason why men.. (and women) resort to ignoring or fading away from a person they are dating. And make no mistake about it… feeling ignored is terrible. It’s hurtful, frustrating, and unfortunately it’s a common situation that people deal with when in dating relationships. Everything starts out great…. He’s giving you tons of attention, making plans to see you, he’s keeping in touch on the phone and with texts – basically, things feel perfect. But then something happens… He stops calling and has become less responsive to you or perhaps he doesn’t even respond to you on the same day.
He’s ignoring you and it feels horrible in the pit of your stomach. And that’s when you start questioning everything… replaying your interactions over an over… trying to figure out what happened. was it something you said? Did they learn something about you that they don't like? Why is he ignoring you and why is it so difficult to handle?

being ignored hurts.. a lot. But there is a little bit of good news… because this emotional pain is felt in the same areas of the brain as physical pain, you can take Tylenol or ibuprophen to help alleviate the pain. Its true… look it up

OK… so we know the feelings of being ignored are real and they are painful. So why are they doing it?… what are they thinking when ignoring you. Well, first… you have to be absolutely sure he is ignoring you? you’ve got to be completely certain that you aren’t over reacting and panicking when there may be a legitimate and harmless reason for his lack of communication. When a man doesn’t reply to your texts right away, but eventually, he gets back to you in a few hours or the next day, this isn’t such a big deal. Chances are he’s got an explanation and good reason for not getting back to you.
But if someone is leaving you unanswered after days and this behavior is completely unlike him, then you know you’re being ignored. Now you can start to worry. So If you feel like your boyfriend or the guy you’re interested in is ignoring you, here are the top 5 reasons and how you can deal with them.

1.They are playing games or playing hard to get.
2 He’s punishing you
3 He’s not alone.
4 He’s trying to break up with you.
5 He’s just not that into you

OK.. now we move on to the things you absolutely must not do. Because if you do these things, you’re ruining your chances of making things right again.
1 Don’t Keep Calling and Texting
2. No begging and pleading.
3. Don’t resort to hurtful insults, name calling or picking a fight.
4. No Hunting and haunting

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