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Top 10 Antelope Species in Africa

Top 10 Antelope Species in Africa

Africa has the foremost number of species of antelopes than the other continent, as results of which tourists from far and wide visit the African continent eager to see these antelopes.

1.The Giant Eland Antelope

Popularly referred to as Lord Derby Eland, the enormous eland antelopes are spiral-horned and are commonly found within the open-forests and savannah region of Africa.

2.The Kudu Antelope

The world’s third-largest species of antelopes, the kudu belong to the Tragelaphus. they will be specifically divided into two species, the Tragelaphus imberbis and therefore the Tragelaphus strepsiceros.

3.The Sable Antelope

Belonging to the Hippotragus and a member of the Bovidae, the sables also are one among the most important species of antelopes that are found in Africa.

4.The Nyala Antelope

Popularly referred to as the Lowland Nyala, the nyalas belong to the genus Nyala. However, they are also considered to belong to the Tragelaphus and are a member of the Bovidae.

5.The Roan Antelopes

The roan antelope may be a sort of savannah antelope that are commonly found within the Eastern, Western, Central, and Southern parts of the African continent. They belong to the Hippotragus and are members of the Bovidae.

6.The Gemsbok Antelope

Popularly referred to as Gemsbuck or the South African Oryx, the gemsbok belongs to the genus Oryx and is a member of the Bovidae. They are native to the desert regions of South Africa.

7.The Impala Antelope

The sole member of the Aepyceros and belonging to the Bovidae, the impalas are medium-sized antelopes found within the Southern and Eastern parts of the African Continent.

8.The Waterbuck Antelopes

It is mostly found in Sub-Saharan Africa, on the brink of the water lands in Savannah, the waterbucks belong to the Kobus and are members of the Bovidae.

9.The Springbok Antelope

Commonly referred to as the Jumping Buck as they ‘Spring’ within the air, the Springboks are the sole species of the Antidorcas and are members of the Bovidae.

10.The Gerenuk Antelope

The sole species of the Litocranius and members of the Bovidae, gerenuks, also are referred to as Giraffe Gazzele for his or her long giraffe-like necks.

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