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🍪 Eat Me Guilt Free Review: Brownies & Cookies (Taste Test)

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Check out our Eat Me Guilt Free review to see how easy it can be to have healthy brownies and cookies around the house without feeling bad for eating them. Delicious snacks from Eat Me Guilt Free are packed full of nutrients and actually taste good! Their macros are balanced, with added protein and only natural sweeteners so you can eat them anytime without ruining your macros for the day. Not to mention, they taste amazing and they have a TON of variety. Eat Me Guilt Free brownies are soft, cakey, and individually-packaged for convenience (as are the cookies). Finally, an actually guilt-free sweet snack that tastes good!

What's in Our Eat Me Guilt Free Box:

- Protein Bread
- Protein Tortillas
- Vegan AF Cookies (Chocolate Chip)
- 6-Pack Brownie Assortment: Galaxy Brownie, Birthday Cake Brownie, Tuxedo Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss Brownie, & Original Chocolate Brownie x 2

What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Original Chocolate Brownie
- Birthday Cake Brownie
- Vegan AF Cookie
- Protein Bread

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