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🥤 SmoothieBox Review 2020: Unboxing & Smoothies (Taste Test)

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Take a look at our SmoothieBox review to find out how to have a superfood breakfast ready to go in less time than it takes to microwave sugary oatmeal in the morning. This ultra-convenient smoothie service takes the guesswork out of smoothie building, with all of the ingredients ready to blend in individual bags. Simply add liquid and any desired add-ons, blend and you’re good to go! Your energy levels, immunity, metabolism, and blood sugar will all thank you for the nourishing breakfast, and your taste buds will be begging for more.

📦 What's in Our SmoothieBox Box:

- Collagen Peptide Powder
- SmoothieBox Tumbler with Straw
- Cacao Smoothie Packs
- Green Smoothie Packs
- Clementine Smoothie Packs
- Berry Smoothie Packs

🍽️ What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Green Smoothie
- Cacao Smoothie

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📖 Chapters

0:00 Intro to SmoothieBox Review
0:25 SmoothieBox Unboxing Review
1:27 About SmoothieBox & How It Works
2:19 Blending SmoothieBox Smoothies
3:08 Taste Test SmoothieBox Smoothies Review
5:23 SmoothieBox Review Conclusion


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30 ноября 2020 г. 2:55:05