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There’s no better place to release some adrenaline than at the top of a roller coaster! So grab a friend, put on your seatbelt, and get ready because today we’ll explore some of the craziest roller coasters on Earth! Some of them made it to this list because they’re fast, some of them are here because of their height and some of them are here because you have no idea where the ride is taking you until it’s already too late to get off. Do you have what it takes to get inside any of these rides? I put together for you ten of the craziest roller coasters that are sure to make you scream at the top of your lungs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like them so much that you’ll go back for another round. Or maybe you’ll be too intimidated that you won’t want to come close to them. Be sure to check out number one! If you can handle this ride, I’m sure you can pretty much handle any roller coaster in the world.

10. Sky Scream

Meet Sky Scream, a spooky ride with lots of turns and drops enough to keep you screaming the whole time. To prepare you for the experience, the Sky Scream has been put within an area that will make you feel like the zombie apocalypse has just begun and you’re at the center of it. This ride can go as fast as 100 kilometers per hour, passing through many twists and loops in just a short amount of time. You can find the Sky Scream at Holiday Park in Germany, an amusement park you can’t miss if you’re a fan of roller coasters.

9. Smiler

One of the scariest moments of a ride is when you make it to an inversion and you go upside down, wishing the train will stay on its tracks and make it back safely - Imagine having to go through 14 inversions! That’s what happens at Smiler, the ride with the most inversions in the world! While the Smiler is not as high as most of the rides on this list and it definitely doesn’t break any records in terms of speed, all those inversions are more than enough to turn your ride into a crazy experience. The ride has capacity to have five trains running at the same time, allowing around 1200 people per hour. Back in 2015, a group of riders collided with an empty test train, which caused injuries to some and turned their smiles into frowns. This ended up in a series of lawsuits, but the park authorities apologized for their mistakes and claim the ride is now safer than ever.
8. Thunder Dolphin

Right at the heart of Tokyo Dome City we’ll find the Thunder Dolphin, the park’s main attraction. This is a roller coaster that can reach a speed of 180 kilometers per hour, with a drop of about 80 degrees, which is pretty close to free falling! The way this ride flies over a wavy course makes it look like a dolphin swimming through the ocean, which explains its name. This ride goes through buildings and even a ferris wheel. The ride is crazy, is thrilling but it’s definitely a lot of fun! And there’s no excuse if you don’t speak Japanese to find your way around this park, there are English speaking staff who will help you find your way and make sure you have a great time at Thunder Dolphin and the rides around. Make sure you add it to your list on your next trip to Japan!
7. Stealth

And now, let’s have a look at the fastest and second tallest roller coaster in the UK: Stealth, a main attraction at Thorpe Park Resort. This ride can take you from 0 to 80 miles per hour in a matter of only 2.3 seconds! Just think about that next time you’re on the road - it’ll definitely take you a bit longer than that for your car to reach that speed in a regular road. Right after reaching its high speed the Stealth goes up to its highest peak at 205 feet high! From there, you’ll go downhill and be back at the starting point in the blink of an eye. A crazy and unique experience that has happened at the Stealth is a rollback, which is when the train or car is not able to make it to the top and goes backwards to its starting point. This happens due to energy loss and it’s not necessarily a part of the regular experience, but I’m sure it adds to the thrill if you see that your ride is not going where it’s supposed to. But don’t worry, this doesn’t happen often and there’s a whole system built to make sure riders return safely without any major issues.

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