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Meet the top 10 biggest cats in the world. These huge pussycats will leave you surprised.
This feline also known as The Algonquin cat represents a historical figure in the luxurious, elegant and traditional Algonquin Hotel located in Manhattan, New York.

Despite all the members of this Top, we cannot use the phrase "the biggest cat in the world" without mentioning this feline.

And it seems that the felines have taken over Instagram as their second home. With more than 170 thousand followers in his account, Samson has come to fame as the biggest cat in all of New York City.

In Melbourne, a cat is trying to snatch the title of the largest cat, Ludo. This is Omar, an Australian Maine Coon who has become famous on its own in Instagram.

You can’t talk about big cats without mentioning the Maine Coons. Kelsey Gill originally wanted a cat only similar to the one that appears in the Harry Potter films; however, over time she realized that her cat was not very common.

At just 2 years of age, this savannah cat has already broken the record for the world's tallest cat reaching 19.05 inches in height and weighing around 30 pounds.

This species of savannah had the record of the tallest cat measuring at first 16.5 inches, however, a year later it would reach more than 18 inches breaking its own mark.

When you were younger, didn’t you want to have a tiger pet? Well, Zeus is pretty close to that. Living a well-off life with its owner Morgan Lynn known for its YouTube channel Spotted Exotic this serval looks like an ordinary pet.

A few years ago an obese cat from New Jersey caught the attention of many when it was reported as the heaviest in all of North America and possibly the world, too.

This ragdoll is popular for its YouTube channel, Xiedubbel, where you can see its daily life as the lazy and playful cat that it is.
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