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Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens With Complete Different Color

👍 Absolutely Nobody Turn 6,000mins Kittens Growing Up Footage into a MOVIE Before https://youtu.be/zJFfaWrVhdI
👉 Baby Kittens Day 1 to Day 100 Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3q65AvOMZoQ1nJz3Q-it8JdQFdk4iJMV
100 Days Kitten Videos, Please SHARE OUR VIDEOS with your friends. Lucky Pawison Family Love you all😘😘

Belly is one and a half years old. She is cute and clever. Cause I got depression problems 3 years ago. Life was hopeless. My friends were suggested to me to raise a cat. So Belly comes into my life. She helps me bottom out from the dark days. Hope this video could also bring you some inner peace and happiness.

I will keep updating this channel. Hope all these kittens could have a happy life.

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Belly, Ore, and Reo love you all, 😽I will keep updating their videos and photos. Hope you all have a happy life.

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Видео Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens With Complete Different Color канала Lucky Pawison
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