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Matthew Pretty - The Bucket Boy From Las Vegas Performing At The Leidse Square In Amsterdam 2017!

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Matthew Pretty also known as The Bucket Boy Is one of the best known bucket drummers in the world.

Matthew Pretty is Born in 1991 in Toms river, United States of America.
And he started from young age experimenting with sounds he produced on buckets.

He start playing on the streets and people were quickly impressed by Matthews unique performances and talent.
Matthew entertains people on the streets and every time he makes a great show of it.
He performs from time to time in different Country's.

And better be careful because once you get infected with the virus you only want more.
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And we’re getting cities to start treating busking as an artistic endeavour, rather than as a criminal matter.

Busking provides work for the unemployed, it furthers careers, it rejuvenates cities, it creates communities and it is the only live performance that everyone can afford, regardless of background.

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Видео Matthew Pretty - The Bucket Boy From Las Vegas Performing At The Leidse Square In Amsterdam 2017! канала World Street Talent
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