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Blue Man Group Boston Fenway Picnic in the Park 2010

Hello! I do not use my YouTube account often, but seeing as this video receives a lot of views and comments, I wanted to add a description to answer some frequently asked questions regarding this video.

This event was the Picnic in the Park at Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox). It is a charity event with live performances, chances to meet some Red Sox players and lots of prizes/giveaways/charity collections. It is super fun! This was Blue Man Group Boston's second appearance for this event. We are grateful for the experience and hope for many more collaborations between BMG Boston and Fenway Park in the future.

The set goes as this:The BMG band rocks out as the Blue Men enter the field with hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon as gifts. They then discover instruments for them to play with. This leads us into a teasers portion featuring Boston and baseball related songs (the set goes as this: 1. "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", 2. Aerosmith's "Walk This Way", 3. Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and 4. Dropkick Murphy's "Shipping Up to Boston") which then leads us into BMG's original song Time to Start (always a crowd pleaser : ) After the success of this section, the Blue Men get a chance to mingle and dance with the crowd for a bit. The rhythm takes over and the Blue Men, wanting to add to the experience and energy, beginning drumming a Drum Finale Throwdown (a signature BMG piece with a signature BMG touch). The performance then concludes with the Blue Men meeting and greeting with their audience, taking photos with everyone and then the Blue Men heading off to their next big adventure.

Now, a few things on the technical elements of this video that are commented on: This was shot on my iPhone by Abby Conway, a very close and personal friend of BMG Boston (and mine). Abby was kind enough to volunteer to film the event. Yes, the video is shaky and it's focus can be a bit all over the place at times, but the fact that it is documented for all of us to see is a gift and we should be grateful for Abby offering her time to film it for us. I personally think the performance is captured perfectly, in true BMG fashion and true to the moment. So say it with me everyone: THANK YOU, ABBY!!! Next, this was not during a game, but rather during a private event for the lucky people who were invited and those who bought tickets. Lastly, the audience member at the beginning who says, "Sit down so other people can see!" was simply trying to be clear and concise towards those in the front row so that everyone at the event could enjoy the show from the very beginning.

I hope this answers everyone questions. Please continue to enjoy this performance! And thank you so much for stopping by to watch it : )

XO ~ Mike Brown

Видео Blue Man Group Boston Fenway Picnic in the Park 2010 канала Mike Brown
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