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5 Hidden Signs Your Ex Misses You

Clay Andrews discusses 5 hidden signs your ex misses you.

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We'll be discussing in this video how to know if your ex misses you during No Contact or if you are in contact with them. Specifically, we'll be going over a few things that your ex will be doing unconsciously if they miss you.

These are going to be things that your ex may not be aware that they are doing, but these are all things that will help you figure out how to tell if your ex misses you or not, whether you are in contact with them, or doing No Contact right now.

Your ex is motivated by certain emotions that they feel. These emotions drive them to do or say certain things. And if your ex is doing or saying certain things, it reasons to say that there are certain emotional elements in place under the surface.

That's what we're going to be examining in this video. So sit back, watch and see if any of these things are things that your ex may be doing right now.

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