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Teaching My Girlfriend 1 Pull up In 60 Days

Teaching My Girlfriend 1 Pull up In 60 Days
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This is Sidney, my girlfriend for 5 years now, but she doesn't really like to workout, she’s healthy, looks great, but working out... nah

So I wanted to challenge her, motivate her and give her something to start working out, so we're going to teach her a pullup. And oh boi there were some problems...

She's 178cm, 5ft 10, weighs 69.9kg so around 70kg
So how long will it take? Let's find out

Check out the resistance bands we used:
https://www.fitnessdelivery.nl (Code: BROWNEY15 for 15% off!)

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Stuff in the video:
● Gymshark: http://gym.sh/Shop-Browney
● MyProtein: http://tidd.ly/a5f49f61 (Code: Browney)
● The 90 Day Challenge Course - Transform yourself in 90 days: https://90dayworkoutchallenge.com/
● My Podcast: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0T8UH-8_htroK2v5gRMlQ?sub_confirmation=1
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