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Why The 10,000 Push ups in a Row World Record is (probably) Fake

Why The 10,000 Push ups in a Row World Record is Fake
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I saw this world record pop up quite a lot recently, and I have gotten 100’s dm talking about: The world record for most pushups in a row! That is supposedly 10507, but, is this even possible? What is the story behind this?
The truth about the 10,000 push ups in a row world record:

0:00 Intro: What is this record?
0:50 We are going to attempt the record
1:29 The Facts: How official is this world record?
2:34 The Attempt: Part 1
3:11 Minoru Yoshida: What do we know about him?
4:10 The Attempt: Part 2
4:33 New Category: Most push ups in 24 hours world record
5:41The Attempt: Part 3
6:37 The Internet: What do people think online?
7:57 The Attempt: Part 4
8:41 The Time: How long would it take him?
9:42 The Attempt: Part 5
10:16 The Difference: A small difference of 10,000
10:57 The Attempt: Part 6
12:43 Here's Why: We think the 10,000 push ups in a row world record is, probably, fake.
14:33 The Attempt: Part 7
16:23 Conclusion: What do you think?
17:04 smash liek

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push-up
- https://www.recordholders.org/en/list/ulysses.html
- https://www.quora.com/Can-one-be-strong-enough-to-do-10-000-pushups-without-int
- https://recordsetter.com/world-record/Perfect-Push-Ups/35754
- https://factrepublic.com/facts/9063/

World Record - Most 46,001 Push-Ups in 24 Hours Charles Servizio
- https://youtu.be/ymU2SD4-Gl4
- https://youtu.be/7_O7k0CHDGQ
320 Pull Ups - WORLD RECORD - (47 minutes Hanging Rest) -Tazio Il Biondo-
- https://youtu.be/ua8HkWAu3EU
555 Push ups in a row! BARSTRONG
- https://youtu.be/lI7pL8BgctI
Push-ups ( 210 Consecutive Push-ups )
- https://youtu.be/mT2hRJkBJxY
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