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Tutorial #50 Solving a hard puzzle from the beginning to the end

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A fun, step-by-step video on how to solve a sudoku puzzle from the beginning to the end.

Many procedures, tricks and techniques are used, plus a couple of rules.

VERY IMPORATNT.... Some subscribers have told me they are not getting notification of when I upload a new video. YouTube has been working on this issue. I am pleased to inform all my subscribers that if you click on the bell at the right side of the red subscription button, you should receive a notification from YouTube that I will be uploading something new on a particular day and time.
I will only be putting up notifications once or twice a month.
One advantage of doing this on my channel is that when I premier a new video you have the opportunity to chat with me as well if you wish.

Thanks to all of you for your comments underneath the videos.
Also, if you wish to contact me, go to my web site http://www.sudokuguy.com and send an email to support@sudokuguy.com

Tim Dolan pointed out a place 7.50 where I jumped ahead. You were right Tim. I wondered how long it would be before sometone noticed. Thanks for your comment Tim

To see all puzzles and FAQs, go to http://www.sudokuguy.com

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NEW: You can now go to my web site and see an INDEX OF VIDEOS under strategy headings. Click on the number, and it will take you to the video of interest.


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Видео Tutorial #50 Solving a hard puzzle from the beginning to the end канала Sudoku Guy
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