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Tutorial #73 The Great Sudoku Scavenger Hunt.

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A fun step by step video course on how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels. It's FREE! If you liked ti please click on the Thumbs up icon under the video
The most popular site online to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels.
This tutorial features many ways in which you can eliminate small numbers. Many techniques and tricks are used in this tutorial. However there are many more, and I suggest you go to my channel page youtube.com/sudokuguy and scroll down to the playlist called "videos which show the many ways to eliminate small numbers". There are lots of them.
THE MORE TECHNIQUES AND TRICKS YOU KNOW AND KNOW HOW TO SPOT THEM THE EASIER IT IS TO SOLVE SUDOKU PUZZLES. It is a matter of practice and for some players memory! This is why it is sometimes valuable to go back and watch previous videos again.
Correction ...did you notice at 19:42 I made a booboob. (mistake ) See if you can spot it!!
Some players have asked for PRIVATE LESSONS. YES i do offer private lessons. Just contact me at support@sudokuguy.com. ($50 US per hour)
I keep in touch re premiers by announcing the date and time on the COMMUNITY tab on my channel page. youtube.com/sudokuguy
Step 1 Go to youtube.com/sudokuguy
Step 2 Scroll down to Sudoku tutorials Click on heading.
Step 3 On the R H side is a list of all the tutorials. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a thumbnail picture which has a black and white heading PREMIERE. Click on this and your are there.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sudoku-Guy-669584349784621
Twitter thesudokuguy
Instagram sudoku_guy
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Видео Tutorial #73 The Great Sudoku Scavenger Hunt. канала Sudoku Guy
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