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Town disappeared overnight (lives lost and homes destroyed)

Whatever you think is a permanent part of your life won’t last forever. Somewhere on an Italian mountainside, we found the sad proof of that. There is a broken city where families lost everything. After a decade of neglect, hundreds of homes sit empty today in varying states of deterioration. What happened here?

Wherever you go here: The abandoned houses still contain all the possessions, which shows that families had to flee from their homes overnight. In this episode, we explore dozens of derelict structures to see what is left behind. Almost one thousand people used to live in this city, and now it is a ghost town. Life can change in an instant. #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbex

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Abandoned Italy Season 2 Episode 5 (English and German subtitles are available!)
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00:00 - Intro
02:17 - Abandoned houses everywhere
04:38 - Exploring a broken city
08:31 - Melancholy
11:17 - Inside the church
13:41 - Ghost town vibes
17:33 - What's next?

"Riot (Instrumental Version)" - Blood Red Sun
"Let It Rust" - Yellowbase
"This Delicate Place (Scaled Down Version)" - Silver Maple
"Shortcomings (Instrumental Version)" - Bjurman
"I'll Follow" - Mochas
"Mellifera" - They Dream By Day

Видео Town disappeared overnight (lives lost and homes destroyed) канала Broken Window Theory
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18 октября 2020 г. 21:00:09