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Abandoned Millionaire's Castle: Family Left Behind A Luxury Palace - Urbex | Poland Episode 3

Urban Exploration: Abandoned Castle Pałac w Bożkowie (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #139

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Hands-down, this castle in the South of Poland is one of the most splendid palaces in the whole country. Leading figures from all around the world came to see this mansion but suddenly it all stopped when the site was abandoned more than 20 years ago. What happened to the former residents? From a distance, it still seems like a real-life fairy-tale castle. But take a closer look and you see that the facade is crumbling and that this is place is full of scars. Because the story of this historic mansion is a story of betrayal. Discover the sad history of one of Poland’s most beautiful undisclosed landmarks.

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"Amun Ra" - Bureaucrap
"Breeze/Burden" - V.V. Campos
"Lost inside the Dream" - Chaxti
"Heavy Words We're Holding" - Trevor Kowalski
"Lego Castle" - Etienne Roussel
"Time Won't Tell" - Emil Axelsson
"Never Leave the Stream" - Chaxti
"Slow Decay (Instrumental Version)" - Ingrid Witt

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Видео Abandoned Millionaire's Castle: Family Left Behind A Luxury Palace - Urbex | Poland Episode 3 канала Broken Window Theory
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