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OPENING 5 | BLEACH | Rolling Star by YUI | VIZ

Dreaming of peaceful days 🌅 #OPENING 5: 🎵 Rolling Star by YUI

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I want to live in a world of peace
Without conflict, like the one I dreamed of.

I can't be patient any longer
There are things I must say

At the evening bus stop on the way home
I Wave to those sunken shoulders, Bye Bye Bye

Got to show your Fighting Pose, Oh! Oh!

That world I dreamed of
Is peaceful every day, without any conflict.

But in reality, there are troubles every day
And sometimes I regret, these Rolling days

Lies probably have little meaning
~All my loving
Otherwise, how can I go on?

A Sweet Love I dreamed of
Where lovers search for a hideaway

But in reality, the days we can't meet
Go on; but we still believe, these Rolling days

We may stumble, but Way to go!!
Yeah!! Yeah!! A mud-caked Rolling star!!

Lyrics by: YUI
Music by: YUI
Arranged by: northa+
Performed by: YUI

Видео OPENING 5 | BLEACH | Rolling Star by YUI | VIZ канала vizmedia
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