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Official Trailer 2 | Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season | VIZ

The menacing Professor Tomoe and the Death Busters search for three pure heart crystals, just as two new Sailor Guardians arrive! Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season releases July 25, 2023 on Blu-ray.

Pre-order now: https://bit.ly/3pNUlTt

More about Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season: The Death Busters, lead by the maniacal Professor Tomoe, target innocent citizens in a search for three special pure heart crystals. Two powerful new Sailor Guardians are already seeking the crystals and have no interest in working with Sailor Moon and the other Guardians. Where did they come from, and what is their plan for the talismans?

6-Disc Blu-ray Set, 38 Episodes (90-127), 1080p HD, 4:3 Aspect Ratio, English Subtitles, English and Japanese Stereo 2.0 Audio

SPECIAL FEATURES: Cast Interviews, Cast Commentary, Clean Opening and Endings, Art Galleries, and more.

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Видео Official Trailer 2 | Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season | VIZ канала vizmedia
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