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COCA-COLA LIVES HERE (People Drink 2.2 Liters PER DAY)

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I literally can't believe my eyes. Here in Chiapas -- the Southernmost and poorest state of Mexico, the people drink on average 2.2 liters of Coca-Cola PER DAY. That is more than any country in the WORLD per capita.

In a state where there are massive shortages of both running/drinking water -- Coca-Cola is found in abundance and it's THE beverage of choice. I'm telling you that it's seen everywhere, from popular restaurants to rural villages and small shops.

But the most surprising thing to me was when I learned that Coca-Cola is viewed as spiritual to the Tzotzil indigenous people in Chiapas. In a town called San Juan Chamula, coca-cola is deeply intertwined with their culture. It's used as an offering in their main place of worship. They believe that coke can heal the sick, proving to be one of the most interesting rituals I've ever seen.

As a result of all of this binge coke drinking, it's no surprise that diabetes is a becoming a huge problem and it's responsible for 3,000 death per year.

I love Mexico so much, but this is an issue that I couldn't let slide. Would love to get your thoughts on it.

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