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ENDING 12 | BLEACH | DAIDAI - Chatmonchy

Keep valuable friends close! #ENDING 12: 🎵 DAIDAI - Chatmonchy

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My eyes distracted, and unable to do anything
I said diligently,
There is nothing I can do for you
Back then, what was it that moved me and contented me
…in understanding myself?

Please don’t go anywhere
Please don’t go anywhere

Before I realized it, I had hurt you
Uttering words unexpectedly
I took advantage of you, and hurt you
What will I seek this time?

Please don’t go away again
Please don’t go anymore

Lyrics by: Eriko Hashimoto
Music by: Eriko Hashimoto
Performed by: chatmonchy

Видео ENDING 12 | BLEACH | DAIDAI - Chatmonchy канала vizmedia
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