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Europe's Secret Abandoned Power Plants Explored | Urbex

In the past, powerhouses used to be more than just utilitarian structures. At the dawn of the electrical age, those buildings were soaring temples that should change the world forever. While functionality is more important than design in modern power stations, it seems like architecture had a special meaning back then. But more and more of those historical sites disappear. As fans of the aesthetics of industrialism, we simply had to explore two plants on our Hungary adventure which seemed to be the last of their kind. The first place is a time capsule that already existed like that 100 years ago. The second one impresses thanks to its sheer size and post-apocalyptic look. Join us on two exciting infiltrations of some of the most powerful witnesses of the past you can imagine! #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbex

Urbex Hungary (2019) Episode 3 (English and German subtitles are available!)
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"Mammoth" - Sum It
"Redial" - Ballpoint
"The Pass" - Prozody
"Beyond The Rainbow" - Polar Nights
"Pull Back" - Brendon Moeller
"Ahead of the Game" - Guy Copeland
"When You're In The Dark" - Johan Gustafsson
"Contraband" - Christian Nanzell
"Departing" - Luwaks

Видео Europe's Secret Abandoned Power Plants Explored | Urbex канала Broken Window Theory
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