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I Made A $385 Breakfast Bowl For My Parents • Dish Granted

Welcome to Dish Granted! Where Steven has 24 hours to create the most extravagant dishes for his guests. In today’s episode we have Steven's parents!

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Created by Steven Lim
Co-directed by: Tony Kim (@tonykfilms)
Hosted by: Steven Lim & Tony Kim
Guest: Steven’s Parents
Phone-A-Friend: Kyo Pang
Culinary Producer: Kiano Moju
Edited by: Charlotte Richardson
Production Coordinator: Brittney Lee
Camera Operator/Sound: Jay Tran
Production Assistant: Charles Han
Creative Director of Post Production: Anthony Frederick
Head of Development: Katie LeBlanc
Production Manager: Nicole Beaudoin
Executive Producers: Steven Lim, Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara
Show Logo designed by: Casandra Ng (casandrang)
Special Thanks to: Kopitiam


Business Inquiries:

Videos and Recipes featured:
Apparently blue sticky rice is a staple snack in Malaysia: https://youtu.be/QSpTRVCx97E
How To Make Coconut Milk From Scratch!: https://youtu.be/-A-erAhHtzc
"Best Sambal" for Nasi Lemak: https://youtu.be/o7XK8joyk-o
Beef Rendang | The ULTIMATE guide [Nyonya Cooking]: https://youtu.be/B-aRX99seUw
How to Make Kaya Coconut Jam: https://youtu.be/YcI70LhNq68

Music Provided by Audio Network
SFX by Audioblocks
Logo Designed by Jennet Liaw (@jennetliaw)
Logo Sound Design by Yuta Endo (@yuuutaendo)

Видео I Made A $385 Breakfast Bowl For My Parents • Dish Granted канала Watcher
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