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Who's 1 stranger that you still remember? (Strangers Answer)

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Typically when I go out and film an episode I'll try to think of my own answer to the question! I thought it would be really cool trying to answer this specific question because I've met almost 50,000 at this point- I was sure that because of this I'd come up with an answer quickly. Turns out, it made it even harder… but I didn't want to give up so I kept filming and tried to think of my own answer in the process. Halfway into filming I saw a man sitting on a bench, he looked like a nice guy, he was probably in his 50s and seemed to just be sitting and enjoying the view. So I approached him and asked if he wanted to be a part of a film project... he didn't respond so I asked again... and the next 30 seconds of our interaction is the reason why he is now my answer to this question. He looked up at me, not even for a second, put his head back down and started yelling out the meanest words I think anyone has ever said to me. I was so shocked and it made me so sad. I've been thinking back to that moment a lot trying to figure out why it left me feeling the way it did and I've come up with a few reasons: 1.) the guy was so sad and angry I can hear it so vividly in his voice- it was the perfect example of the saying "hurt people hurt people." he succeeded. 2.) I think i was just so shocked at how friendly he seemed but how unfriendly he was, I wasn't prepared. 3.) I realized that I've been doing this project for a year and a half and it was the first time someone was mean to me. At first I was sad at my 3rd reason because earlier that day I couldn't think of an answer to the question and out of all the kind people I had met it was now going to be this guy I'd remember the most. Then I realized something else and I now have my answer to this question: the most memorable person for me is a guy who made me realize that I've meet 50,000 people and ONLY 1 of them has made me sad. I love you all, and thank you for watching another episode.

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Видео Who's 1 stranger that you still remember? (Strangers Answer) канала Thoraya Maronesy
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