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Tell me about the first time you told someone you love them..

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On the second day of filming this episode, I saw two guys sitting on a bench and asked them if they wanted to be a part of my film project. I assumed they were friends but a few minutes into our conversation I found out that they were actually strangers and hadn't even talked until I approached them. I said- "you guys are friends right?" The one on the right said "haha oh no.. we've never met." Then the guy on the left turned to him and said, "what's up man, my name is Troy.." ... "I'm Jesus, nice to meet you." I asked both of them the question and Troy went first. He talked about how he struggled to tell his parents he loved them.. he ended up calling his mom on the spot and nervously struggled to get the words out. Off camera I asked him why he was struggling and he told me that he thinks it's because him and his friends (and his parents) don't usually communicate when it comes to affection and struggles they are going through. Then Jesus, went. He spoke about the last time he told his mom he loved her which was a few days before she passed away from cancer. Even though I could tell there was a lot of pain behind his words, he kept it together while answering. I asked him how he was able to talk about it so comfortably.. he said it was because him and his friends ALWAYS talk about how they are feeling.. that sharing their struggles is a normal conversation. I walked away from the bench and continued filming.. for the next hour, every time I looked over at the bench I saw them in deep conversation. This was honestly my favorite moment of filming so far. To me it showed what a difference talking about our struggles can make... and how close we are to feeling better about our struggles if we simply open the conversation. Troy and Jesus lived completely different lives and had completely different answers... and I think they both ended up on that bench because they were meant to meet and I was lucky enough to be there when they did. Troy and and Jesus are the last two strangers in this episode. I want to thank them again and everyone who is kind enough to stop and talk to me. I feel so lucky :]

Thank you for everything. I love you all! #BeKind

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