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Guess a Language | Can you? | #1 | feat. @Nate's Adventures 🤓

Can you guess a language based on an audio sample? Nate Tecotzky from @Nate's Adventures - a fellow YouTuber from California takes part in this language challenge not only for his own satisfaction but also for your entertainment! I’m excited to hear what you think about his format and how well you did in guessing languages featured in this video. 🤓

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My name is Norbert Wierzbicki and I am the creator of this channel.
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🙏🏼Special thanks to Nate for participating in the game:
🎥 Nate Tecotzky → @Nate's Adventures
🤓 Learn Spanish with Nate and check out his course! - The Essential Beginner Spanish Course → https://www.sabespanish.com/?affcode=495472_7cibbjyt

🙏🏼Special thanks to the following creators:
(for helping out with making the video )
🎥Sziszi → @Hungarian with Sziszi
📸 Ignas Čepulis → @jogavisiems
🎥 Kotaro Hisada → @Kotaro Hisada
🎥 Joana Madzestes → @Joana Madzestes
🎥Maciej Łuczak → @Dobra Pamięć
🎥 Bahador Alast → @Bahador Alast

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🤗 Big hug to everyone reading my video descriptions! You rock! 🤓💪🏻

Видео Guess a Language | Can you? | #1 | feat. @Nate's Adventures 🤓 канала Ecolinguist
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