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Interactive Immersive Large Scale 360 Degree Visual Content studio - 900lbs For NTT Data

(469) 283-8043 - https://900lbs.com/portfolio/ntt-data-customer-collaboration-center/ In this video, you will see highlights from a project done by 900lbs of Creative for NTT Data and its customer collaboration center.

Here is more about the project:
The Challenge
How do you showcase your company’s leading-edge solutions and industry innovations in a truly impactful way? NTT Data, one of the fastest growing Global IT corporations in the world, asked 900lbs to help them solve this business challenge.They planned to develop a state-of-the-art Collaboration Center in their new North Dallas headquarters and their goal was to help clients and guests “feel” the story of the advancement of global IT infrastructure.
The Solution
The Mosaic Wall:
Our team focused on ensuring that guests were treated with a strong reinforcement of the NTT Data brand as they enter the Collaboration Center. We conceptualized a one-of-a-kind nine screen array that has the ability to be fully customized based on the profile of each guest being welcomed. When the guests are registered via motion sensors, their portraits seamlessly transition throughout the screens to reveal a large-scale animated visual of the NTT Data logo.
The X-Room
Beginning with the research and flow of the script, we leaned on our collaborative partner, Cactex Media. Together, we created a user-centered story that would take clients on an ambassador-led journey through the enterprise services that have helped NTT Data become number 65 on the Fortune 500. 900lbs designed a blend of interactive immersive content and large-scale 360º visual content that transitioned through a diverse range of industry units. The touch interface gives the ambassador the ability to tailor the client’s journey through contextual menus based on their needs. Our team composed full 7.1 directional sound that would add a multi-sensory layer to the 10 minute experience.
The X-Room and the Mosaic Wall were designed with scalability in mind, from the outset. Global IT services will continue evolve at a very rapid pace, and this experiential tool will be able to expand in parallel. 900lbs is proud to be a part of this unique vision.

900lbs of Creative is located at:
428 W Davis St
Studio 2
Dallas, TX 75208

Видео Interactive Immersive Large Scale 360 Degree Visual Content studio - 900lbs For NTT Data канала 900lbsofcreative
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