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Journey - Separate Ways cover - Sara Loera - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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Journey - Separate Ways cover - Sara Loera - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

“Separate Ways” spent 6 consecutive weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 for Journey and today Sara is taking on this great tune from 1983.

Written by Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry, the song was performed live by the band on at least two different occasions before it was actually released the following year.

The song debuted as a single off of the album Frontiers and with it, Journey also released their first ever concept music video for MTV.

The video has gone on to be infamous for it’s scenes featuring the band playing non-existent instruments and has even been dubbed one of the worst videos ever.

Fortunately the song fared much better and spent four weeks at #1 on the Top Tracks chart.

Today Sara will be sharing her version of the tune and we hope you all enjoy it. Please be sure to share what you thought of the performance!

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