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Wheel in the Sky - Journey - Sara Loera - cover

Happy Tunesday everyone!! Many of you know me from my Journey covers, so here is one of the only hits I haven't sang yet (Open Arms and Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' will be on KTVA soon, we filmed them in June). I hope you all like it!

To anyone who is struggling right now, I send love and the strength to hold on a little longaaah 🙏🏼💕🎶

I really felt the lyrics for this one as everything is so up in the air and a lot of peoples lives are in limbo right now. I think the message of this song is that we truly don't know where we will be tomorrow, so let's live each day with love for ourselves and others, and push through negativity no matter how hard it can be!

I have a song for next week that I'm VERY excited about- I'm tempted to put a clue to it here but I think it might be better as a surprise! 🎶

As always, keep the requests coming and I will see you next Tunesday!!

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Видео Wheel in the Sky - Journey - Sara Loera - cover канала Sara Loera
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