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Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 6

Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 6
1. So this is what dogs sound like when they’re talking to each other

2. Ever wondered what your parents would post if they downloaded TikTok?

3. You know what dad, just get a tattoo .. it’ll last, a lot longer

5. If you thought your graduation ceremony was unforgettable, 2020 said “hold my zoom call”

6. When you have to do chores but you really just wanna have fun
7. When you’re just trying to look cute on a budget but things just don’t go right
8. Either a.) he killed them both or b.) him and the other guy just became best friends

9. This cat gives the look like it wants to fight everyone in the room

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Видео Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 6 канала Top Things
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