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Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 7

Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 7
1) Maybe try not to cringe would’ve been a better name for this challenge
2) Quarantine day 506 be looking like ...
3) Now that we’re doing classes online, there’s always time for lessons from Siri
4) The Guinness book world record for doing nothing extraordinary goes to ...
5) Some people just have teddy bears, but this guy has a real bear
6) Wearing masks in the future is gonna become such a norm they said.. but this is getting a little weird
7) I can’t tell if this is ridiculous or pure genius.
8)When you feel like eating but you also don’t wanna take off your mask
9)Can somebody please explain this new trend? I think I’m getting too old for these things

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Видео Tiktok try not to laugh challenge (impossible🥵) | Part 7 канала Top Things
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