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Silenced – Composers in Revolutionary Russia

This documentary is dedicated to Russian composers of the late teens and early ’20s of the last century. The former “young wild ones,” composers such as Arthur Lourié, Nikolai Roslawets, Alexander Mosolov as well as Vladimir Deshevov and Lev Termen remain to this day relatively and unjustly unknown and their lives have remained largely unexplored. However, this generation injected life into the musical world of that time, greatly leaving their mark. The young composers were adventuresome; they flirted with futurism, wrote the first twelve-tone chord of musical history, invented the first electronic musical instrument and created sounds previously unheard.

More information here: http://accentus.com/productions/music-war-and-revolution-a-three-part-documentary

Видео Silenced – Composers in Revolutionary Russia канала accentusmusic
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