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Ayham Ahmad – The Pianist Of Yarmouk

Surrounded by ruins in Syria’s capital Damascus, Ayham Ahmad sings accompanied by an out-of-tune piano about migration, hunger and death, until he is forced to flee to Germany.

The documentary film "Ayham Ahmad – The Pianist Of Yarmouk" tells the story of this Syrian refugee musician. After his arrival in Munich, we follow the life of a man who sang out against the suffering in his country until his instrument was destroyed.

His fate stands for that of thousands – robbed of their hopes and dreams and forced to build a new existence.

This documentary won the "Grand Prix" at the "International Television Festival Golden Prague" 2016 and the Special Jury Mention Prize at the Master of Art Film Festival 2017 in Sofia.

More information here: http://accentus.com/productions/ayham-ahmad-the-pianist-from-yarmouk

Видео Ayham Ahmad – The Pianist Of Yarmouk канала accentusmusic
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