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The Fight When Evander Holyfield SHUT ALL THE CRITICS MOUTH! An Unforgettable Battle!

Today, I will tell you about precisely such a fight when Holyfield decided to risk it all and conquer the heavyweight division. About the bout that was dubbed the heavyweight fight of the decade. About the bout that changed the destiny of Evander Holyfield, elevated him to new heights, and turned him into the perfect fighter. About a bout consisting of ten grueling rounds when fighters exchanged fierce blows. We'll talk about the brutal confrontation between Evander Holyfield and Michael Dokes.

If you saw it, you’ll never forget it. If you haven’t, watch it. It was beautiful.
For many fight fans, Evander Holyfield defined an era of heavyweight boxing. There was a time when you could even argue that the "Real Deal" was the best heavyweight of an era that included many greats, including Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe and Mike Tyson. But, unfortunately many fight fans will not remember Holyfield for what he was—a man with tremendous heart, grit and determination. They won't remember a fighter who constantly defied the odds and did his best when everyone counted him out.
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