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Hulk Zmiażdży! Ten Chiński Bokser Porazi Cię Swoją Siłą...
Sprawdź to! To Chiński Gigant, gotowy podbić świat boksu! Nazywa się Zhilei Zhang, ale w kręgach bokserskich znany jest jako "Big Bang". Od kilku lat ten dwumetrowy tytan walczy w kategorii superciężkiej, a każda jego walka to prawdziwe szaleństwo emocji. Strategia Zhileia jest prosta i skuteczna: pokonywać przeciwników jeden po drugim, pozostawiając za sobą tylko zniszczone ringi i podziwiającą publiczność. Z jego wagą 116 kilogramów i siłą zdolną powalić byka na ziemię, Zhilei Zhang to nie tylko
Wow! Even Tyson’s Defeats Weren’t So Spectacular... Evander Holyfield — All Defeats Are Legends
Evander Holyfield holds an esteemed position among elite boxers, recognized and respected for his endurance and skill in the ring. Despite his incredible abilities, Holyfield has also faced moments of defeat throughout his illustrious career. One of such moments involved serious health issues, including heart problems, which could have spelled the end of his boxing journey. However, despite all the challenges, Holyfield refused to back down and continued to fight until the very end, showcasing true boxin
The Scary Fight That Nearly Killed Julio Cesar Chavez Julio Cesar Chavez is the most renowned and greatest boxer from Mexico, but as often happens, after suffering a serious defeat, he was unable to regain his former form. Today we will talk about the legendary fight that buried the career of Julio Cesar Chavez, and we will also reveal all the details of the famous fight against Oscar De La Hoya - one of the scandalous fights of 1996. How Anthony Joshua BURIED the Ukrainian King’s Career!
The Fight When Evander Holyfield SHUT ALL THE CRITICS MOUTH! An Unforgettable Battle!
Today, I will tell you about precisely such a fight when Holyfield decided to risk it all and conquer the heavyweight division. About the bout that was dubbed the heavyweight fight of the decade. About the bout that changed the destiny of Evander Holyfield, elevated him to new heights, and turned him into the perfect fighter. About a bout consisting of ten grueling rounds when fighters exchanged fierce blows. We'll talk about the brutal confrontation between Evander Holyfield and Michael Dokes. I
When Mike Tyson BURIED the Gang Leader's Career! It's worth seeing!
This story dates back to the year 1986, at the legendary Madison Square Garden arena. A young Iron Mike squared off against the boxer Mitch Green, who was known for being a leader of one of the New York gangs. However, the climax of this tale extended far beyond the boxing ring, leading to a brutal street fight in Harlem. The aftermath: Tyson with a broken arm, and Green with a swollen shut eye, bruises on his face, and an unpleasant cut on his nose. So, be sure to watch this video until the end and don&
When Mike Tyson CAME BACK and SHOWED Who The Real Daddy Is!
Fifteen years ago last month at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, "Iron" Mike Tyson defeated "Hurricane" Peter McNeeley by a first-round disqualification in his first fight since his March 1995 release from prison. Tyson (50-6-0-2, 44 KOs), who, at 20 years old, became the youngest man in history to capture the heavyweight championship, was sentenced to a six-year term behind bars in February 1992 for the rape of Miss Black Rhode Island, Desiree Washington, in an Indianapolis hotel roo
Clash of Titans: Lennox Lewis vs David Tua - Heavyweight Showdown!
The public has never seen such a "wild mix" as Lennox Lewis's. This character is quite sat on the throne of the royal division. Chess player in life and in the ring. Arrogantly calm and arrogant. His personality caused a resonance compared to the appearance of brawlers, "bad guys" in the person of Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson, Andrzej Galota. America was not ready for such a champion. Lennox was a stranger everywhere. However, Lewis himself did not care. He defeated Andrzej and T
The Fastest Knockouts in Boxing History | Part 1
The Fastest Knockouts in Boxing History | Part 1 The knockout – undoubtedly, the most thrilling moment in boxing, eagerly awaited by all fans. The history of boxing has seen many famous knockouts that have shocked the world. Today, we invite you to recall the fastest victories in the history of boxing of all times. Get comfortable, it's going to be interesting! Gerald McClellan is a former WBC World Middleweight Champion who stopped Julian Jackson in May 1993 in the fifth round to secure the title.
Mexican Tyson! but... the Triumph and Tragedy of Salvador “The Invincible Eagle” Sanchez
Before Julio Cesar Chavez and now Canelo Alvarez, there was a great rising Mexican fighter who captured the hearts and minds of Mexicans and boxing fans around the world. Armed with a devastating right hand, elusive movement and a big heart, Salvador Sánchez was one of the greatest boxers from his country to ever enter a ring and who in the opinion of many experts, had he not tragically lost his life at an early age, would have become the greatest featherweight of all time. This is the story of Salvador
On This Day, Vitali Klitschko SURPRISED the World of Boxing!
On This Day, Vitali Klitschko SURPRISED the World of Boxing! And even more so Lennox Lewis. However, of course, this fight occupies an important place in Klitschko's career. On this day in London, Ukraine was able to rejoice at its first world boxing champion. Vitali Klitschko not only defeated local boxer Herbie Hyde and took away his WBO championship belt, but also set a new world record, becoming the champion faster than Mike Tyson.
The Crazy Night When Mike Tyson KICKED an OLD ENEMY'S ASS!
Back in his younger years, Mike Tyson was a true beast in the ring, but he rarely harbored personal animosity towards his opponents. Tyson always put on a show before a fight and sometimes even engaged in off-ring scuffles. However, after the battles, Iron Mike would always transform into a caring sportsman, extending a helping hand to his defeated opponents. But there was one boxer he despised! That boxer was tyrell biggs vs mike tyson. Unfortunately, their tale of animosity did not have a happy ending.
When Riddick Bow Almost Got His Balls Ripped Off!
Riddick Bowe vs. Andrew Golota, billed as "Big Daddy's Home", was a professional boxing match contested on July 11, 1996. The fight was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City and was televised as part of an HBO World Championship Boxing card. Bowe won the fight by disqualification in the seventh round after Golota did not adhere to several warnings and point deductions for repeatedly punching Bowe in the testes. A melee erupted in the ring following the decision, which led to sever
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Одиночество не всегда плохо. Иногда одиночество дает возможность разобраться в себе, я думаю, что такие периоды всем нужны. Важн...
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Действительно важно брать надежные технологии, чтобы производство шло бесперебойно. Мы контроллеры закупали, а также датчики п...
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Изначально нужно с умом подходить к построению бизнеса. Не экономить на том, на чем нельзя экономить. К примеру, что касается фи...
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Интересные идеи, от себя еще могу добавить. Я всегда заказываю для близких аудиопоздравления. Всем нравится – это необычно, тем ...
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