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Regular meditation helps you get rid of stress of all kinds.

walk with mindfulness and gratitude | walking meditation
Please join me while I guide you through a mindfulness and gratitude practice on your walk. Walking meditation is a wonderful active meditation practice. It's appropriate for any level of practitioner and is especially great if you struggle sitting still for your practice, or if you just feel like you want to move. Walking meditation takes your walk to a whole new level of awareness while moving outside, connecting to your body, and to the natural world around you. This walking meditation promotes gratitude, mindfulness, wellness, and a deep felt sense of fulfillment. Go to for episode show notes and resources. Thank you for listening!
The practice of meditation can be extremely helpful in attaining a state of mental serenity and enduring happiness. This is particularly true as we live stressful times characterized by rapid change. Regular meditation helps us to deal with that stress and cope with that change, without losing our inner balance and peace of mind.
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