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When Vitali Klitschko Lost Control in the Ring! It's Impossible To Forget!

In the world of boxing, there are fights that become pivotal moments in the history of the sport. One such epic showdown took place in 2003 between two heavyweight titans - Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko. This fight, known as "The Undisputed Champion," unified titles and left an unforgettable mark in boxing history.
Who would have thought that the esteemed gentleman of boxing, Vitali Klitschko, could find himself in such an agitated state? What truly happened and why did the face of the Ukrainian champion turn into a bloody mess? And what prompted him to be ready to get into a fight outside the ring?
To unravel all these mysteries, let's instantly transport ourselves to the early 2000s, specifically to June 21, 2003, when one of the most epic battles in the heavyweight division took place.
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