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If I Sleep I Die

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This happened when I was 17. It was a normal night like all the others. After a long school day and getting a ton of school work done, I was finally going to get some sleep. So I got into my favorite comfy pajamas and slipped into my bed. I instantly fell asleep in no time and it was the most relaxing feeling ever. However, sometime later I felt direct light into my eyes which woke me up. I opened my eyes and at first, the vision was blurry but then it slowly started clearing up. When I could properly see, I saw an old, horrifying woman with messy hair and a staff at my bedside. I immediately started to panic and scream for help but I realized that I couldn’t speak.
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Then the woman started speaking. “Do not panic, I come to you with a message. The sooner I deliver the message the sooner I’ll leave,” she said so I stopped trying to scream.
“What message could it be?” I thought, thinking it would be something good. But it was nowhere near good.
“If you ever sleep again in your life you are going to die,” she said and started getting out of the room.
It left me shocked and confused and I had so many questions so I started screaming at her again to wait but as before, I couldn’t utter a word.
But I was trying so hard that I was finally able to scream on the top of my lungs, “WAIT!” Right then I woke up and realized everything that had happened at that moment was just a dream. The woman was not real but what she said was horrifying enough to leave me with a scar. And since then I started fearing sleep.
It was already morning when I woke up so I got ready for school and headed out. I didn’t think much of the night before at school and everything went on as normal.
After school was over, I headed back home, and soon it was night but I didn’t want to sleep. I was absolutely freaked out by the idea of sleeping thinking it would lead to my death even though I knew that woman was just a dream. My mind was playing games with me as I was overthinking things that could happen to me if I slept so I couldn’t even look at the bed.
I had made up my mind that I was not going to sleep at any cost.
So I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee, took out some energy drinks from the fridge, and went back to my room.
Like that, I focused all night on drinking coffee and energy and getting a lot of school work done which was not as hard as I had thought it would be. At the end of the night, I was feeling optimistic thinking I could totally make it without sleeping.
It was morning soon and I got ready and went to school as usual. Throughout my time in school, I did feel a little tired but not very exhausting. It was a regular day despite the fact that I hadn’t slept

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