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BOAT LIFE: We Tried Sailing With No Experience

After nearly 6 years of van life, we're open to exploring new ways of living. Is boat life for us?! To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to https://athleticgreens.com/eamonandbec Thanks to AG1 for sponsoring this video.

When our good friend Alex invited us to try out sailing with him along the Baja coast we knew we had to give it a try! Come sail along the sea of Cortez and watch us attempt living on a sailboat with 5 people.

0:00 why boat life?
2:41 welcome aboard!
6:08 "we're free"
8:51 disaster in the cabin 🥴
10:32 full boat tour
13:34 first meal on board
16:11 morning workout 💪
19:10 my fear of sailing
24:00 dingey saga 😝

Did you catch the sneak peek of Eamon & Bec's new tea brand drinkhabit.com ?! The matcha we drank several times here is a part of our new collection of teas over at Habit.

Видео BOAT LIFE: We Tried Sailing With No Experience канала Eamon & Bec
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9 апреля 2023 г. 20:00:07