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I Can't Feel Pain

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Hi, I’m Ryan and I have a rare disorder. I don’t feel pain! I didn’t always know this though. Here’s how it all started.

My parents thought I was the most perfect baby in the world. Why? I rarely ever cried. I was laughing most of the time and only broke into tears when I was hungry or needed my diaper changed. My parents’ friends who also had babies were so envious that my parents were able to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.

One funny story that my dad tells everyone over dinner is that when I was a toddler, I was playing in the dirt outside. He heard me laughing uncontrollably so he came to see what could have been so amusing about a pile of dirt. When he looked at me he gasped. I had a huge scorpion in my hands and I was just playing with it like it was a teddy bear. He also says I had a huge red mark on my leg where it had stung me.

He screamed at me to drop it then picked me up and ran into the house. I was still laughing apparently. My parents took me to the doctor to check if I was okay and I was. However, no one could understand why I wasn’t screaming in pain.

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I had two older brothers who were always pushing each other around and when I was big enough to play their wrestling and boxing games, they included me too. They were always hitting or punching me and instead of crying, I’d just hit and punch back harder. They’d often stop the games because they were in so much pain. I found it all amusing because I felt nothing.

When I was about six, my family and I were on the beach and my mom got a sea urchin stuck in her foot. She screamed and shouted in pain then she burst into tears. My father tried to pull it out but the more he tried, the more it hurt. I really couldn’t understand why it affected my mother so much so I went into the sea and caught another sea urchin. I dropped it onto the sand and jumped on it. It tickled.

“Mom, this is fun. Why are you crying?” I said.

“OH MY GOD! RYAN!” she said.

We both had urchins stuck to our feet. I was giggling and my mom was crying. My poor dad had to deal with it all. He drove us to the hospital where they helped us to remove the spikes. For my mother, this seemed unbearable but it didn’t affect me at all. And I guess that is when I realized that I was a bit different.

I decided to use this difference to my advantage. At school, I developed the nickname ‘Fearless’ because I was always doing the most outrageous stunts. I’d climb to the top of the monkey bars and deliberately throw myself down or I’d swing really high then just jump off midair. One day I brought a lighter to school and tried to impress a girl by burning my finger. It was so much fun!

BUT I HAVE TO WARN YOU! Don't try any of this at home. Or anywhere for that matter.

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