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Chef Carlo Mirarchi Is Aging Pork. It’s Weird and It’s Awesome

In this episode of Tasting Notes, Chef Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca in Brooklyn shows Rebelle restaurant’s wine director, Patrick Cappiello how to grill a cut of aged pork and garnish it with tardivo.

Then Cappiello selects a Poulsard red wine from Domaine de la Tournelle in Jura, an area known for wines that can be—in his words—a little bit strange. He pours a bottle of Pulsard, a light-bodied red wine which is an easy transition for anyone who enjoys Pinot Noir. The wine’s tannins help balance out the fattiness of the pork.

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Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz
Producer: Jeremy Repanich
Host: Patrick Cappiello

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Видео Chef Carlo Mirarchi Is Aging Pork. It’s Weird and It’s Awesome канала Indulgence
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