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30LBS!! ROOT CLOG - Drain Pros Ep. 51

Drain Cleaning Video - 30LBS!! ROOT CLOG - Drain Pros Ep. 51

In this video we are finishing a drain clog job at a church. Previously we had hydro scrub from the bell tower down 50 feet to a spot just outside of the building the hose wouldn't pass. They excavated the line for us to find the pipe has approx 10 feet of solid root build up through the 4" cast iron pipe and also into the 6" clay pipe. We hydro scrub out with 3000-4000 psi of water with the warthog nozzle to cut out the remaining roots and get the pipe back open and flowing. After we finish up the excavation company was replacing as much clay pipe as possible hoping that they ran into the drywell to replace the whole pipe!

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Видео 30LBS!! ROOT CLOG - Drain Pros Ep. 51 канала Drain Pros
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